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How to Netflix and Chill Properly

netflix and fuck
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Fuck you, Netflix. likes · 2 talking about this. Consumer venting group.
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Helen Mirren: “I Love Netflix, but F--k Netflix”

Chill The Fuck Out: Netflix Clarified That All The Annoying Tweets They See Dramatically Overpraising One Of Their Shows Only Makes Them.
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Fans who were hoping to catch up on old series are particularly annoyed, as are the ones who have started watching only for it to be taken off halfway through. So I started to watch season 2 of love island the other day, i came back home to find out that Netflix had taken it off, was on a proper cliffhanger aswell fume. Bang out of order from Netflix taking Love island off later this month. What the actual fuck. As if Netflix took love Island off I'm fuming.


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