Girl stripped naked and beaten

Horrific Attack: Alleged “Adultress” is Stripped Naked And Beaten in Shopping Centre

girl stripped naked and beaten
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Woman Stripped Naked

A woman and a man in Assam's Baksa district were stripped naked and mercilessly beaten up by a mob on the suspicion that they had an illicit affair. The extremely disturbing attack, captured on cellphone cameras, has been shared widely on social media. A year-old woman was assaulted and paraded naked in Varngalwadi village in Beed district of Maharashtra last Friday, the police said on Monday.

A woman was beaten up, stripped and made to run naked in her village in Gopiganj area of the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh for resisting sexual harassment, police said on Sunday. A woman was allegedly stripped and beaten by her maternal relatives in Udaipur district when she demanded back the money which she had lent them, police said Monday. A year-old tribal woman was allegedly stripped and she and her husband were thrashed by four persons after the couple's goats entered a farm of one of them in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district, police said on Wednesday.
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A year old Tanzanian student was beaten, stripped off her clothing and forced to parade around naked by a lynch mob in Bengaluru.
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The child, who disappeared while playing with friends at a local complex, was reported missing on June - A WOMAN was stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets of India by dozens of thugs who accused her of killing a man.

The police command in Anambra State had paraded three suspects a man and two women over the viral video of a woman who was stripped naked and was beaten severally. The suspects paraded Ifeanyi Azotani, a year-old artisan, his wife, Tochukwu , 43 and her niece, Ogochukwu Nwankwo , Nwankwo , in an interview with journalists, explained she was about going out when she received a call from Tochukwu beckoning her to come to the house because she found out that her husband has been sleeping around. Also Read: Nigerian man escapes from Thailand after murder of jeweller. She said when she went there she remembered how her ex-husband took her son to stay his with his girlfriend and this provoked her.

This is the moment an alleged mistress is stripped half-naked and beaten in the street by a gang of women wearing stilettos. Her rivals, dressed in mini-skirts, shorts and high-heel s, angrily stick the boot in as their victim writhes helplessly on the floor. The public humiliation is now becoming a common sight in parts of China where affairs are normally kept secret but emotions often spill over in the most unlikely places. The Mirror recently revealed a similar beating in almost identical circumstances in what is becoming a copycat craze among the normally-polite Chinese. This one took place in a shopping area in the middle of a city and the most amazing thing is not one person stepped in to stop the savage beating. Instead passers-by either looked on or kept walking as at least three women laid into the victim with a fourth recording everything on a phone so they could laugh at it later.


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