Htgawm connor and paxton

11 Hot Guys on "How to Get Away With Murder," Ranked

htgawm connor and paxton

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How to Get Away with Murder Transcript

Using alcohol and sex seem to be the only options he has. Once the body is loaded away, once he's given his statement, once they're herded back to Annalise's house and try a new angle for the case, once they're finally told they can leave for the night, he slinks away from the office, ditches Wes and Laurel and Michaela and Asher, and finds the nearest bar with the darkest corner and the largest glass of scotch and drinks and drinks and drinks. At first, the liquid burns down his throat and makes his eyes water.
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Let's Get to Scooping

Paxton Curtis was Marren Trudeau's personal assistant at Trudeau Securities. He commits suicide after he's revealed to have helped ruin Marren's career. Connor shows Marren and Annalise Keating the tape and they confront Paxton.
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Tonight's sure-to-be-glorious How to Get Away With Murder mid-season finale promises to explain exactly who murdered Professor Sam Keating, out of a list of suspects so long that it's basically every character who's appeared on the show in a recurring capacity. The killer reveal will add some context to one of the show's central death plots while probably not tying it up all too neatly there's still a half-season's worth of sassy legalese to come, after all. Aside from all the whodunnits and associated bitchery, though, another thing HTGAWM does extremely well is showcase hot guys. You might not have noticed this, except, wait, you really should have noticed this.

I had extremely low expectations for this show when I first started watching it. The best thing about the show is of course Viola Davis.


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