Gagged and bound damsels

gagged and bound damsels
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Felicia Fetters was a young, beautiful woman barely making her way through criminal justice school when she met the beautiful, buxom bikini model named Gina. Gina took Felicia under her wing and encouraged her to pursue modeling, but soon jealousy and resentment grew in Felicia.
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Ashlee Graham is a famous actress whose career has taken a bit of a tumble due to her personal demons. - Uh,the scene was short.

Damsels Bound and Gagged in Movies and TV Part 2

DescripcionFrom the movie Greed. Irish Bella is bound and gagged with tape and she is moaning and struggling. It's a good scene if you like.
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A female character is put into immediate danger in order to put the cast in motion. Her plight unites the cast, causing them to put aside their differences and work together to save her or provide the premise for The Quest and is considered Older Than Dirt. The nature of the distress varies.

This is erotic bondage with a good deal of posing that will be sure to make you hot. Every scene has a beautiful woman bound and gagged for your pleasure! Member Login. Email Address: No Account?

Screen writers and directors often use such situations as opportunities to put in a dramatic damsel in distress scene, something that will get the heart racing as you watch your favorite heroin struggling in the clutches of her captor. These scenes are often the most dramatic, often the pinnacle of the movie or TV show, and only end when a guy strides in - the knight in shining armor to rescue the woman and defeat the villain. Over the years there have been some classic damsel in distress moments on TV and film, played by some amazing actresses who bring such scenes to life. Initially, such scenarios were common place in comic books; the evil genius kidnaps a beautiful, helpless woman and ties her to the railway tracks or something along those lines as bait, so that the do-gooder emerges and tries to save the day. These scenes evolved from comic books onto our screens. You can picture it: the beautiful princess locked away in a tower waiting for her prince charming to come to her aid. Nowadays, these damsel scenes encompass many variations every other movie seems to have a damsel in peril.


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