Dating someone hot and cold

The Hot and Cold Guy: Why Is He Hot and Cold (And What to Do About It)

dating someone hot and cold
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The Dating Game of Hot and Cold

Is there anything more unsettling and frustrating? - Is your partner playing hot and cold?

Pioneer Press columnist Jackie Pilossoph says it's not worth your time to date someone prone to hot and cold moods.
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He lays it on thick and absolutely ravishes you with attention and warmth — only to switch things up seemingly without any sort of provocation and freeze you out. What happened? Why did he pull away?
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Someone wants to be chased to feel validated. Both the hot and the cold phase are dysfunctional. The Hot phase obviously feels better then the cold phase. He showers you with text, phone calls, compliments, interesting dates, invites to events, etc. Not sure what grown woman or man has time for that!

He might have had every intention of doing what he said that he was going to, like texting you to get together again, but then he went out with someone else. He means what he says but only in the moment. He wanted to see you… but only in the moment. Once it passed, he forgot about it and moved to something else. People always say that women are more mature than men. It always sounds kind of harsh. A guy who says one thing and does another is incredibly immature.


  1. Fabienne T. says:

    Are You Dating Someone Who Runs Very Hot and Very Cold? | Psychology Today

  2. Jeffrey M. says:

    It's long been the rule that when dating someone whose behavior is marked by hot and cold reactivity, you're standing on shaky ground.

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