Austin and ally fanfiction hook up

austin and ally fanfiction hook up
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Authors Note: Hi guys! I was watching The Walking Dead and this idea came into my head. The are lots of stories of Ally being Dez's sister and Austin being Dez's best friend.

Austin and Ally have been best friends since they were in diapers. It is sooooo Cassidy looked up from her paperwork and gave me a smile.
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Since Valentines day is coming up, I thought I'd write a one-shot!, First thing first, I am new to this fanfiction thing.

Ally looked up from the box of tissues in her hand and sobbed again as she looked at the tv screen. Why was it that her life always felt like some rom com drama or a terrifying horror story when you know that some random, excitable girl shouldn't be going into the basement in the middle of the night just because she heard a noise and you end up screaming at the tv just before she gets killed. She ends up falling for all the jerks who end up ripping out her heart, if her life was a film then everyone watching would be screaming at the screen as she falls for yet another idiot that everyone watching could see is an idiot but she couldn't. This is a long winded way of introducing you to the story of how Ally fell in love with the blonde she calls her flat mate and how their relationship began with her falling for every jerk in New York. He was sucking face with yet another blonde headed bimbo. Ckatie why don't you go and wait in my room? He ran his hands through his soft blonde hair as her eyes caught his abs yet again.

Hey, this is my new multi-chapter, I've already got a lot of chapters already written so the updates shouldn't be too bad.


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