Elsword ara asura

asura elsword

elsword ara asura
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Elsword: Ara (Yama Raja) SM!

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(Celestial Fox Mode). Asura's Transcendence Awakening Cut-in. (Current) mir-games.org Elsword (Knight) . mir-games.org Ara (Little Xia).
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asura elsword

Material: PVC a kind of mixed plastic materials. Length: cm, about 69". Please contact us any time if you have problems.

Awakened Will: Asura now gives Critical Damage Increase in Soon, in her journey to find Ran, Ara meets Elsword and the El Search Party.
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Asura : Transcendent

She has powerful exorcism spells with quick movements.
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Feel free to ask questions for me or Eun! Illustrator: yucha [ Pixiv ] Source: [ Here ]. It says in the wiki that Eun was sealed by a powerful demon. Yet it says in the descriptions of the Exorcism secret arts that those were the Haan family secret arts that sealed Eun. That got me wondering about Ara and the Haan family. Because another detail I noticed is that there are six masters and six El elements. Now, if I remember correctly the Haan family is connected to the Moon El.

She has powerful exorcism spells with quick movements. Upon reaching Lv70, you will be able to Transcend. To receive the Transcendence quest, click on the job change notification located below the map select.


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    Ara Asura mir-games.org The fox spirit persuades Ara to accept it completely, so that the martial artist may grow even . Elsword (Knight).

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