Having standards while dating

Reader Submission: 50 Bare Minimum Dating Standards You Should Have By 30

having standards while dating
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Why You Need To Keep Your Dating Standards High

I'm now at the age where wedding invitations and “save the dates” take up the majority of my refrigerator space but I'm still RSVPing for myself.
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How To Establish And Maintain Your Dating Standards

When it comes to a girl I want to see somewhat regularly or exclusively, I have high standards., This post was brought to you by Thought Catalog and Quote Catalog.

Years ago I attended a high school summer camp retreat, and one night, one of our adult leaders corralled all of us girls into a room, leaving all of the boys on the other side of a closed door. What did this top secret, girls-only discussion consist of? In telling us not to settle, she was telling us something that every girl knows subconsciously in her heart but often fails to believe because of the doubts and insecurities she faces: she is worthy. Every woman is worthy of being loved the way God made her to be loved; no woman should ever have to feel like she is giving up any of her values or beliefs in exchange for a relationship. My favorite part of this story? The single woman who gave us this advice just got married over the summer, after finding someone she loves, who loves her in return—someone she never had to settle for. In order to help you keep yourself from settling for less than you deserve whether you are a man or a woman , I have created the following checklist to use as a guide to finding a good partner:.

Only you get to decide your make-it or break -it standards but I just want to ensure that the following 5 standards are definitely on your list. Having the same level of education , sharing common interests or being amazing in bed, or anything to do with height or income. He should be genuinely interested in what you have to say on a regular basis. Your work stories and the latest gossip amongst your girlfriends is something he should be well-versed in. You should be able to tell him stories about your childhood and he should remember them. He should care about what happened at work because it matters to you. I am seriously anal about the home decoration around the house.


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    Be More Attractive To Men By Raising Your Own Dating Standards | Miss Maria Christie | YourTango

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