Joe sugg is gay

Is Joe Sugg gay?

joe sugg is gay
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Craig Dillon asks: Where are the successful gay British YouTubers?

A simple comparison between the ten most popular British YouTubers and the ten most popular American YouTubers reveals a big difference. So why do they not feel able to come out to their audiences in the same way the American YouTubers do? On paper, the UK is a much more open and accepting country than the U.

YouTuber Zoella apologises for old offensive tweets

The online megastar, who has 8. Joe, who often films life inside his flat and the pranks he plays on his room mates, has a demographic that is predominantly teenage women, which would make him a somewhat unknown face to the older Strictly audience. However, speaking to Metro. He then added that the feeling was mutual when it came to his fellow contestants among his demographic. While Zoe has continued to be a stand-out star, launching her own make-up and toiletry range in Superdrug as well as having books to her name, Joe has made frequent appearances at YouTube events in arenas alongside pals including Caspar Lee.

These are external links and will open in a new window. YouTuber and blogger Zoella has apologised for a number of old tweets about gay people and "chavs".


  1. Matilda H. says:

    Joe Suggs: Facts about the Strictly Come Dancing and YouTube star including if Joe is gay (possibly after he was accused of gay baiting with fellow vlogger.

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    1. How old is Joe Sugg?

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    This resurfacing of the tweets has prompted many other YouTubers to trawl back through their own Twitter history, deleting any tweets that could be incriminating.

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