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It was released as the third single from the album on September 23, - All HD VR.

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Ass anthems. Booty songs. Shake jams. Butt bumpers. No matter what you call them, they all bring the same thing to the table: They put asses on the floor, both literally and figuratively. Songs dedicated to the derriere have long been a staple of the black community. As a card-carrying member of the Gluteus Maximi for the World Society—a club built on humanity and core values of booty appreciation—we annually discuss the intersection of kinetics, slow motion and music, and how to best shake that ass for peace, love and soul.

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    It's All About the Booty, a song by Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew on Spotify

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    The level of the initial area is set when the town of Oasis is first visited, but in Normal Mode is at least 15 and at most

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