The hills have eyes uncut scene

the hills have eyes part 4 of part 2

the hills have eyes uncut scene
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Hills Have Eyes

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The film follows several U.
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The Hills Have Eyes (1977 Uncut Version)

Plenty of films have yet to make the hi-res journey to Blu-ray, but there are hundreds that never even made it to DVD. Empire has been digging, and we've exhumed these 25 movies never officially pressed onto a small, silver disc If you feel inclined, suggest your own lost treasures in the comments.

The Hills Have Eyes 3 Movie CLIP 2

iTunes + The Hills Have Eyes (Unrated) [] by Alexandre Aja /TKQwr The Hills Have Eyes | | Clip: Lizard Attacks (HD).
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June 20th, for those who haven't! Whose going to buy it? C-Dic Not me. I watched it yesterday and thought it was as bad, if not worse, than the original. People are trying to make some sort of social commentary out of it when all it is are some genetically deformed cannibals in the middle of nowhere. There were some unnecessarily gruesome and disturbign scenes that were actually pretty tasteless and probably used to make up for the lack of anything of true interest. Wolfie I'll be picking it up.

In sixteenth Century Scotland, Sawney Bean and his inbred family of cave-dwelling cannibals were captured and executed for over a thousand murders. King James had them rounded up and executed by hanging, burning and disembowelment. Four hundred years later fledgling horror film director Wes Craven read the rural folk tale and wrote the script for The Hills Have Eyes. What followed set the tone for desert horror for the next four decades. While travelling through the Nevada desert towards California, the Carters, a clean cut and all-American family stop at a gas station run by Fred John Steadman. He warns them to stay on the main road and to avoid the hills.


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