Katrina bowden nurse 3d

Exclusive: Paz de la Huerta’s ‘Nurse 3D’ gets a sexy crazy new poster and a 2014 release date

katrina bowden nurse 3d

Katrina Bowden - Nurse 3d

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Review: Paz de la Huerta gives a bare performance in ‘Nurse 3D’

From the pre-Code glories of Barbara Stanwyck in the immortal "Night Nurse" to the Roger Corman drive-in favorites of the '70s to any number of late-night Skinemax favorites, the nursing profession has served as a particularly fertile source of inspiration for producers of sleazy exploitation fare., This is a movie that approaches its fetish subjects not just from a financial angle of selling tickets but from a personal angle of fulfilling the offbeat sexual fantasies of its creators.

Nurse 3D Official Trailer (HD) Katrina Bowden, Paz de la Huerta

Nurse 3D. - Robert Downey Jr.

Nurse 3D – USA, 2012

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    Nurse 3D Official Trailer (HD) Katrina Bowden, Paz de la Huerta - video dailymotion

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    Katrina Bowden Gives Short 'Nurse' Examination - Bloody Disgusting

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